01/24/2012 | Belgrade (Serbia)
Statement of Serbian PEN Center on Dismissal of Director of NBS, Sreten Ugričić

Serbian PEN Center believes that Serbian Government should reconsider its decision to dismiss the General Manager of the National Library of Serbia Sreten Ugričić, a writer and a member of PEN because of his signature on a Proclamation of the Forum authors regarding a published article by a Montenegrin writer, A. Nikolaidis. This shift would cause harm to our culture, because as General Manager of NBS, Ugričić did an excellent job and should be credited for a significant enhancement and the fact that it became efficient, fully equipped and globally relevant cultural centre.
On several occasions Ugricic publicly underlined that he had a number of remarks to the disputed text and named his own involvement in the whole thing as reckless, it should be understood that Ugričić put his signature merely in order to defend freedom of expression, not as a support of the ideas of the Nikolaidis’ article. Therefore we think that the Government decision was hasty and deserves a serious reconsideration.

Board of Serbian PEN Center